1. Road Trip 2012

    As of lately i’ve become fascinated with mountains. Not just mountains really, but climbing mountains. I’m trying to plan out a trip with some friends next summer that would take us out west and to the summit of a mountain. I’m not trying to get all everest expedition seriousness on this thing either. Looking into an 11,000 - 13,000ft summit that has a route that is no more difficult than a class 3 scramble. I’ve been super interested in this mountain in the Teton range called, Buck Mountain. Creating a sweet multi-day backpacking trip to the mountain would be ideal. If anyone is seriously interested in coming along on this trip or has any advice send me a message on facebook. As of right now a friend and myself have a car that can fit 5 people (4 comfortably), a two car trip would be even more radical. 

    As far as camera gear goes on this trip… I’m going to try and keep it light.

    -Canon 514 XL-S 

    -Ektachrome 100d 

    -Nikon Fe2 w/ 24mm, 35mm and 50mm

    -Tons of Tri-x

    -Microcassette recorder

    During the actual backpacking portion and climb to the summit I will probably only take my 35mm lens for the nikon and leave the rest in the car. Possibly bring T4?

    C’mon guys n’ girls. Lets climb a mountain and figure life out or become god.

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