1. September


  3. "Her prayer was scarcely finished, when a heavy numbness seized on her limbs. Her soft breast was enveloped in a thin bark, her hair grew into foliage and her arms into branches; her foot that was just now so quick was stuck in sluggish roots, a tree top covered her face; only her radiance remained in her."
    -Ovid, metamorphosis I-IV

  4. Built a coffee table in 15 minutes out of found materials

  8. one of the earliest images in my iphoto

  10. Teen Suicide - Cop Graveyard

  12. Tried

  13. Untitled - August 2015

  14. Dash - August 2014

  15. @ my parents house rn. Shout out to mom and dad for giving me a comfortable couch to sleep on for the weekend